AGP Digital, here to help

Love them or hate them computers are part of our lives. All of us come into contact with them in one way or another on a daily basis. Most of them we don't even notice... our car, the checkout at the shops the washing machine. What we do notice, however, is when our PC crashes or is so slow we think of throwing out the window.    

Whether it's a new custom built PC an upgrade, repair, virus and spyware removal, wired or wireless networking etc AGP Digital can help.

It's a fact that the majority of people looking  for a particular service will use the internet to find what they want. It is essential to have a 'web presence'. From as little as 99 AGP Digital can design you a web site, publish it to the internet and setup email etc for you.

AGP Digital covers central and north Essex and southern Suffolk giving, a complete range of computer support to home and small business users.



Wide Range of Services

AGP offer a wide range of services including:-